The Ethio-American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) is established by businesses and business owners to tackle various problems they have encountered throughout the years. In addition, EACC is established to strengthen and expand the Ethiopian Business Community (Business Community) and aims to assist in making the  Business Community competitive, strong and vibrant.


Our vision is to:

  • Facilitate the development of Ethiopian business community into a nationally competitive, economically strong community and
  • Promote and enhance a vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy by growing and retaining our existing businesses and recruiting new industry into our community.

Our mission:

EACC is devoted to serving the Ethio-American business community prosper through advocacy, access to leaders and finances, economic development, connectivity and business education.


The Ethio-American Chamber of Commerce brings together Businesses ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations to establish:

  • A unified voice when working with local and federal government entities or major corporations.
  • A strong network between businesses for their mutual benefits.
  • Business resources center to serve the business community.
  • Facilitate access to capital (banks, investors etc.)
  • Form new partnerships with other associations to diversify.
  • Facilitate International Trade trade ties between US and Africa