The Ethio-American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) is a, 501(c)(6), non-profit organization established by business owners for the purpose of advancing the interest of members and nurturing a vibrant business community.

The EACC seeks to resolve issues common to EACC members’; advocate, and lobby relevant authorities on behalf of EACC members; create programs aimed at providing EACC members with easy access to business resources, facilitate International Trade trade ties between US and Africa.

Membership to the EACC is open to all businesses and all are welcome, small and big alike. Becoming a member is easy and requires little effort. If you are interested in joining or need additional information, please fill out the registration form and we will contact you.




  • The prospects for your success look encouraging. With the kind of talent and commitment I was able to see at the gathering, you can overcome any challenge and take advantage of the many opportunities that will assuredly come your way. A little bit of luck is often needed for the success of any venture. And so I wish you the very best of luck!

    Tekalegn Gedamu

    Chairman of the Board at Muday International Bank